Mathematics For A Lifetime is an award-winning charitable trust which strives to expand the availability of professional maths tutoring to children and youth who need it most, but may be least able to afford it.

When individuals do better, communities do too.

The essential skills of reasoning and problem solving learned in maths class are transferable to almost every area of our lives, no matter which career path we may follow. An improved understanding of maths equals better grades, a better chance of acceptance to tertiary education or a vocational course, a better job and even better management of personal finances as adults. When individuals do better, communities do too.

Learning maths is like building a house - if your foundation isn’t strong, there’s little chance of the rest of your work turning out well. When young people don’t have the foundation solidly in place they may struggle, experiencing anxiety or embarrassment which can lead to avoidance and even depression. Tutoring helps to reinforce the foundation, resulting in better performance, increased confidence and
improved self-belief.

Our Board

Jean McKenzie
Chairperson and Founder

My vision is to advance mathematics education for children and young people within New Zealand, creating lifelong opportunities and increasing their choices, for a brighter future.

Teachers are challenged daily with class sizes and curriculum pressures. Anxiety and difficulties with maths are very real for so many students and tutoring can make a huge difference. I believe in communities coming together to help our children and young people and, through the work of Mathematics For A Lifetime, we can achieve this.

Approved Tutors

Claire Howarth

Claire Howarth at Mindfull Tutoring "Giving students a boost mathematically has a dramatic impact on their future. It opens up more options for them at school and ultimately increases their career choices."

Jean McKenzie

Jean McKenzie at Impact Tutoring "I see first-hand the dramatic difference that tuition and increased self-esteem can have. Our students are able to believe in themselves, ensuring everyone gets equal opportunities for growth."

Jeff Marshall

Jeff Marshall at mathZwiseTaupo covers all aspects of maths,in all cases we follow the NZ Curriculum and prepare students for NCEA.

Anna Barry

My experience has taught me that all students, no matter their mathematical ability, receive immense benefit from one-to-one (or two-to-one) mathematics tutoring. This is why I am proud to work with Mathematics for a Lifetime.

Lesley Ashman

Lesley Ashman at Mathz+ "So many parents tell me that our tutoring makes such a positive difference to their child’s attitude to all learning and to life. Confidence leads to success."

Arbana Levande

“When children help each other and numbers start to become fun, kids open up to learning Mathematics. Mathematical problems suddenly make sense and become manageable.”

Garry Rose

Garry Rose at mathZwise Manawatu "As a tutor, you find personally and professionally there is a deep level of satisfaction watching a child grow in confidence and ability because they have been able to access tutoring."

Craig Grant

I love passing on what I know and seeing the reaction of my students as they gain knowledge.  I believe MFAL is a way of reaching out to kids who would otherwise not have the opportunity. 

100% of donations go directly to help kids

Due to overheads being covered by a generous sponsor, 100% of all donations go directly towards the cost of tuition for kids who need it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are students selected for this opportunity?

There are currently two ways that students can be selected:
Individual application using the application form available online
Collaboration with one or all of the following: IWI groups /Individuals / Businesses / School Mathematical leaders / Whanau / MFAL. This provides direct support for identified kiwi youth.  Collaboration is key to selection.

What are the criteria?

Financial need
Mathematical need 
Whanau support to attend weekly lessons 
MFAL Approved Tutor 

How long is each lesson?

1 hour.  Most students have 1 lesson a week, unless there is urgency eg NCEA exams.

What is the Tutor / Student ratio?

1 Tutor to 2 students maximum. 

Does the student need to bring resources?

The Approved Tutor is expected to supply all the resources. MFAL also supports Tutors with recommendations of suitable resources.

Each student is working with the NZ Curriculum. Does MFAL support this?

Absolutely.  We would not consider including material or Approved Tutors who are not aligned with the NZ Curriculum.

Whereabouts are the lessons held?

Each Approved Tutoring business is responsible for a specific location.

What lesson times are available?

Usually the tuition is after school hours but this can vary if collaboration with the school creates alternative times.

How are the Approved Tutors located?

Jean McKenzie is responsible for this as part of her role as Founder / Chairperson of MFAL. Mostly Tutors are located by researching once a sponsorship has been granted for a specific area.

What does MFAL put emphasis on for selection?

MFAL particularly focuses on the following:
  • Mathematical need or extension of the student
  • Whanau support for the student
  • Students in isolated areas
  • Students identified as needing extra support for wellbeing and education

What is the investment per child?

  • Investment for individuals at end of financial year (33.33% tax credit) $1600
  • Primary or Secondary Full year $1067.20

Are there other levels of investment?

Yes there are four levels. Please refer to the website for specifics on what is offered for your investment.
  • Pavlova: Full school year
  • Jellytip: One term
  • Chocolate fish: general donation
  • Jetplane: Voluntary help in another way 

What does the MFAL database record?

  • Applicant information
  • Sponsor details
  • Student results (individual)

What student results are recorded?

Each term the results are recorded for each individual student. These results are collated from Approved Tutors and are based on National standards including NCEA results. An ongoing record of  each student is paramount to reflect the development of their learning plus reporting back to sponsors.

What results are recorded?

We use a Below / At / Above Level rating for Primary school.  We use specific Topics and rating of Not Achieved, Achieved, Merit, Excellence for Secondary school.

How often are the results collated and presented to stakeholders?

The results are collated and recorded in the database each term. They are available on request.


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